Cycling Performance

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Cycling Performance is a team of bikefitting specialists based in Amsterdam. Combining physio and bikefitting is their niche, with training schemes tailored to suit any type of cyclist.


We developed a simple but strong logo, along with a fast paced looking typeface highlighting the vision of the company. The professionalism and sense of strength resonates through the look and feel of their overall brand identity.


The website was co-created with a template from You theme. We tweaked the theme to suit perfectly to the Cycling Performance identity.



Cycling Performance Amsterdam Logo Design



“We wanted a recognisable typeface for the logo, inviting and strong. The result was perfect.”

They needed a website fast, we chose a premium theme that had character and then tailored the design for a unique look.

With the goal of clearly demonstrating their combined specialised services, we organised the content in a clean and simple way. The combination of highlighting their colours and font consistently throughout their website made it a perfect fit..

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Cycling Performance Website Mockup


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